No, We Don’t Make Racking

No, We Don’t Make Racking

5 Jun, 2019

Most of you know that 3D does not manufacture racking; we only manufacture pushbackpallet flow and carton flow components to fit into somebody else’s rack structure.

We think this gives you, the Material Handling Distributor, several advantages

  1. You get to use the rack you want to fit the application.  You may want to use structural rack for a particular project, or you may want roll formed. Maybe one rack manufacturer has a better lead time, and delivery is crucial.  Perhaps geography and freight plays a role in choosing a racking supplier.  Either way, 3D can partner with the rack company of your choice.
  2. Even though we don’t make the rack, 3D takes responsibility for all the pieces fitting together correctly.  We supply the necessary beam drawings, calculate the beam drops and specify the frame lines for your pushback or pallet flow system. As a Distributor, your only responsibility is to ensure we have the correct pallet information and site details (clear height, lift height, etc.)
  3. If you prefer, you can still opt to buy the entire pushback or pallet flow system from the rack manufacturer or 3D.  Many of our distributors have purchased turnkey projects from us simply because we make life easy for them.
  4. Because we don’t make racks, we focus exclusively on dynamic storage products – this makes us the most experienced in specifying and supplying the right pushbackpallet flow and carton flow products for the application.
  5. We also do not sell direct to end-users.  3D will never be your competitor and will never “take over” an account because it is “too big” for you.
  6. Finally, our quick turnaround on layouts and design work makes it easy to get back to your customer with concepts and ideas – keeping you one step ahead of your competition.  Once your customer has decided on a layout, you can engage a rack company to work with us to engineer the system.

3D Storage Systems is dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your unique application. Contact us today to discuss how our experts can assist you.