These carton flow racks have an impressive overall load rating of 50 pounds per square foot capacity, ideal for heavy cartons – beverages, canned goods, hardware, etc. With custom, made-to-order width and lengths, 3D Storage Systems can provide carton flow racking to fit new installations or retrofit existing carton flow systems.

Carton flow racks allow flexibility in box size and weight and still provides the ability to maximize the use of the entire shelf.

There is no “fixed roller width” with our carton flow racks, all wheels roll independently allowing for infinite flexibility and superior carton flow to the pick aisle.

Our carton flow systems have many benefits, including:

  • Plastic wheels typically range to 35 lbs. per sq. foot.
  • Steel wheels allow weight ranges up to 50 lbs. per sq. foot.
  • Steel shafts that run the width of the bed give our carton flow systems added impact resistance and weight capacity.
  • Welded one piece bed frame with a durable powder coated finish.
  • We can add impact plates and tilt shelves for greater carton flow access
  • Optional snap-in wire dividers allow for product separation while maintaining flexibility in width.
  • Dividers can adjust with just one hand and can snap in virtually anywhere on the bed.
  • Carton flow racks are available with a variety of mounting styles, for use with step, channel or angle beams.

Need more Information?

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