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What are the wheel centers for 3D carton flow?

The closest wheel centers available on our carton flow beds is 2″ c/c. We also offer 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ c/c depending on the application.

What type of wheels do you use on your carton flow racks?

We offer both a steel wheel and a plastic wheel on our carton flow racks. Plastic wheels have a wider surface and are used for boxes and totes under 25 lbs per square foot. Steel wheels are used for heavier box/totes or rougher warehouse environments.

Do I need an internal support beam for your carton flow?

This of course depends on the length of the bed and weight of the boxes, but generally speaking at 25 lbs per square foot our welded structural beds can span 8′ without any internal support beams required.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

3D offers a lifetime warranty on our steel skatewheel carton flow beds and 3 years on our plastic wheel product.

What bed widths and lengths do you manufacture?

The carton flow bed widths we offer are 24.5″, 31.5″, 39.25″, 46.75″ and 53.5″ wide. A combination of any of these widths will usually fit most beam lengths.There are no limitations to depth however, most applications range between 4′ and 10′ long.

What beams do I need to use to suit your carton flow?

We actually design our carton flow beds to suit whatever beams you decide to use. We can mount to step beams, box beams, channel beams, and angle beams.

Do you have dividers?

Yes we offer 30″ long dividers that snap onto the shafts for maximum flexibility.

What are the main benefits of your carton flow product line?

Our carton flow racks have a superior welded structural bed frame with steel shafts that provide a highly abuse resistant, durable, and virtually impossible to damage product. With the wide bed design it also allows for maximum box size flexibility and eliminates the need to re-profile.

What makes your carton flow different than other bed style designs?

We weld our bed frames whereas all of our competitors use bolts. The welded design is much stronger and will stand up better to heavy use and abuse. The other major difference is that we supply wider beds – other manufacturers that offer a bed design tend to have a 16″ bed width; on an 96″ beam there would be 5 spaces where the beds meet versus our 1 space using 2 wider 47″ beds.

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