Without a Layer Picking System, in most cases, the picker will travel to the pick location and manually place the number of cases from the pick slot onto another pallet and then travel to the next location.  A layer pick solution from 3D Storage Systems allows an operator to clamp one or multiple layers of product and deliver it to the pallet to be shipped. This type of operation can typically process orders in excess of 1000 cases per hour, compared to 100-250 cases per hour manually.

Obviously not every type of packaging or every warehouse is a candidate for layer picking. Products must have robust packaging and pick volumes must warrant the need to pick layers at a time. As well, usually only the top moving SKU are candidates. Typical users of layer pick are in the beverage industries or consumer goods in areas that have large volumes of less than full pallet pick.

At 3D Storage Systems we can help evaluate your inventory to see if you might be a candidate for layer picking.  We can provide 2 or 3 deep floor mounted pallet flow lanes complete with the necessary separators to provide clearance for the layer pick attachment.

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