Custom designed pushback racking systems for unique applications

3D Storage Systems has many special pushback racking designs to accommodate a variety of non-standard applications. If your project has heavy pallets over 3000 pounds, a variety of pallet sizes, non-standard pallets, or tight vertical clearance, we have the pushback lanes that will meet your needs. At 3D Storage Systems, we are always willing to look at the unique projects that other manufacturers avoid.

Heavy Duty Pushback Racking Systems

Our standard push back rack designs are rated to a maximum of 3000 pounds per pallet. For load weights above that, we can upgrade both carts and rails – these designs can handle up to 5000 pounds and are available from 2 to 6 deep.

Ladder/Covered Cart Pushback Systems

For weak, odd shaped, or special loads (like plastic pod pallets), we have several pushback racking designs that provide additional pallet support. These carts can have additional left to right or front to back supports and incorporate wire mesh, bar grating or solid steel sheet. The last pallet position can have either a third rail or a complete shelf to support the last pallet in the lane.

Converting Drive-In to Pushback Racking

Many end-users have honeycombing issues with their existing drive-in systems as their SKU growth has led to fewer pallets per product. Rather than tear down a structurally sound drive-in system, 3D offers a “drop-in” style push back rack system that can utilize the existing drive-in rails and saves the expense of new rack and installation. Now each level can store a different product and the honeycombing will be greatly reduced.

Floor Mounted Lanes

The primary purpose of a floor mount lane is to reduce the starting height of a pushback racking system by eliminating beams in the first 3 positions. Generally the first beam level for a standard system would be at 8” – by utilizing a floor mount lane the height is reduced to 3”, thus saving 5” in overall height. These lanes are also useful if you are case picking from the bottom level of pushback.

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