High-Density Pallet Flow RACKs

3D Storage Systems offers a wide range of high-density pallet flow racks, pallet flow rails, gravity flow pallet racking systems, and pallet flow accessories which are engineered to meet your specific needs. 

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What are Pallet Flow Racks?

Pallet flow racks, or flowrack, is a pallet storage method that uses gravity flow, as well as wheels or rollers, to convey and accumulate pallets in a storage module.

Depths can range from 2 to over 20 pallets deep, thereby giving you higher storage density than other forms of racking. Because pallets travel from the load end to the unload end on their own, forklift travel is reduced.

With pallet flow racks, gravity flow pallet racking or another gravity flow rack system, different forklift operators can independently load and unload pallets.

3D Storage's pallet flow rack products include:

  • Skatewheel lanes for picking systems
  • Gravity Flow design
  • Polycarbonate wheels for typical pallet flow rack applications 4-26 pallets deep
  • Rollers, both 1.9” and 2.5” diameter for custom pallet/container requirements
gravity flow pallet rackgravity flow pallet racking

How Pallet Flow Racks Work

A pallet flow rack system contains either a set of wheel tracks, pallet flow rails, or full width rollers set on a slight slope downward from the load end to the unload end. Thanks to the gravity flow rack system design, when an operator places the pallet in the first position, the pallet begins to roll forward toward the other end.

Speed controllers are installed in the lane to ensure the pallet travels in a safe manner to the unload end. The operator can continue to load pallets into the lane, and they will accumulate until the lane is full.

When a pallet is removed from the unload end, the pallets in behind will roll forward one position and come to rest on the ramp stops at the end of the lane. Finally, the first pallet loaded into a lane will be the first pallet unloaded, giving you First-in First-out or FIFO.

Why YOU Should Use Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow (with a gravity flow rack system) technology typically involves high volume products; they can be found primarily in manufacturing environments where many pallets of the same item are produced. Others will use flowrack to stage orders for shipment, or in picking systems to store pallet loads of goods for high volume case picking.

What Determines the Type of Wheel or Roller Used in a Pallet Flow rack?

There are many factors, like the natural gravity flow, considered when determining the type of wheel to be used in a pallet flow rack system, or other gravity flow rack system. First and foremost is the pallet depth and application. If the system is only 2 or 3 pallets deep and to be used as a picking operation, then 1.9” diameter steel skatewheels may be used.

Deeper storage lanes tend to use larger diameter and wider polycarbonate wheels. Pallet flow rails and rollers are applied most often when the bottom of the pallet is not suited to wheels – plastic pod pallets, steel bins etc.  3D Storage systems will test the pallets to find the best configuration for your pallet flow system.

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