Pushback Rack Features and Benefits

3D Storage Systems was the first to develop the low profile push back racking system. First patented in 1992, our durable design has several unique features that improve storage performance and enhance safety. Our use of structural steel ensures long life in tough warehouse environments.

Advantages of 3D Pushback Racking

There are many advantages of using 3D push back racking, including:

Low Profile Design

Our low profile push back rack lanes have a lower profile than most cart type racking systems. This allows for extra lift clearance, future flexibility for load height changes and may even allow for an extra storage level.

Linked Carts

In addition to the low profile push back rack design, our push back carts are linked when extended, eliminating the possibility of single pallet hang ups in the rear of the lane. Without this feature it would be possible for a pallet to become temporarily lodged at the back of a lane, release, and travel in an uncontrolled manner to the load end, possibly spilling the load into the aisle. The resultant potential for damage to product, and more importantly personal injury, is obvious. No pushback product is complete without this important safety feature.

Multi-Purpose Safety Stop

Unique to 3D’s pushback racks, the safety stop located in the center of the bottom cart has many features. First and foremost, it acts as a lane full indicator – if the stop cannot be seen at the front of the lane, the last cart has been loaded and there is a pallet on the rails – the lane is full. It also acts as a safety stop, preventing pallets on carts from sliding forward out of the lane. Thirdly, it acts as a strip-off stop. If, after placing a pallet on the cart the operator has his forks in an improper tilt position, the safety stop will catch the bottom of the pallet and strip it off the forks. Finally, the stop acts as a height gauge and ensures that operator brings that pallet in high enough to correctly load the cart.

Welded Shafts and Machined Steel Wheels

The wheels used in our pushback racks are machined from solid steel and are equipped with precision bearings rated at 1400 pounds each. 5/8” diameter steel shafts are welded directly to the carts to withstand shock loading and will never work loose over time.

Lift Out Protectors

All pushback carts are equipped with lift out protectors to prevent accidental dislodgement of a cart by a forklift operator.

Tubular Rail

3D uses structural tube (HSS) for our rail design. This tube provides a flat smooth surface for the wheels to run on and is far more resistant to twisting under load than our competitors “C” channel rails.

Low Cost Installation

Our pushback rack design allows for easy installation, with wheels preinstalled at the factory and simple drop in rail design that requires rack attachment at the front and rear beams only.

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