Polycarbonate (high density plastic) wheels are usually used for pallet flow if a lane depth of four or more pallets is required.

Typical deep lane pallet flow rack systems are designed around a GMA or CHEP type pallet. In most cases with weights ranging from 500 to 2,500 pounds, a three track configuration is used, with the outside tracks having single runs of polycarbonate wheels on 3” centers and a center run with staggered wheels on 2” centers. The center run also contains the speed controllers. Heavier pallets may require double staggered outside runs.

Polycarbonate Wheels

These wheels are 2.875” in diameter, 1” crown width and are made from a polycarbonate and polyester blend (polycarbonate is the same material they use in “bullet proof” glass). This blend is suited to wide temperature ranges and is resistant to impact. Each wheel has two sets of ball bearings giving the wheel a 150 pound capacity.

Shafts are 3/8” diameter. Wheels are “hard bolted” to the side channels which provides for a straight, rigid assembly.

Metal Impact Wheels

In addition to polycarbonate wheels, metal wheels are also included at the load end. These are typically used in the first 12” of the lane, but for high turnover or heavy applications can be supplied for a full pallet position at the load end and unload end.

Channel Supports

1” x 3” x 1”, 12 gauge galvanized steel side channel. Other sizes are available for special applications.

Ramp Stops

Constructed from structural steel to withstand impact of heavy pallets and lift truck abuse, these ramp stops utilize a gentle ramp slope that brings pallets to stop in a smooth and controlled manner. Our stops incorporate a vertical stop at the end to ensure operator and pedestrian safety.

Indirect Mount Speed Controllers

Pallet flow brakes prevent load acceleration and ensure that pallets travel at a safe and controlled speed. Brakes are generally spaced at one-pallet intervals (e.g. 48” with GMA/CHEP style pallet). Indirect brakes provide a superior braking surface with increased friction, using two friction contact rollers. This type is normally specified with our standard flowrack systems.

Direct Mount Speed Controllers

In some cases, where a low profile or a floor mounted lane is required direct mounted brakes are utilized.

Load Guides

Load guides are recommended for most flow racks six or more pallets deep. These guides are constructed from structural steel and have sloped entry to center the pallet in the flow lane. A wide variety of load guides are available depending on pallet type and durability required.

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