3D Storage Systems skate wheel conveyor systems are tough, relatively inexpensive and will provide reasonable flow for a wide range of applications!

The majority of skate wheel conveyor systems use 2 double staggered runs of wheels on 1.5” centers per lane; this will work with most GMA/CHEP style pallets up to 2500 pounds. For heavier pallets, three double staggered runs may be necessary.

Skate Wheels

15 gauge shell, 7 ball bearings, 1/4” diameter shaft, 1.9” diameter, 150 pound load rating. Can be spaced as close as 1.5” centers in a double staggered run or on spacing of 2” centers or more when mounted in single row configuration.

Channel Supports

Our skate wheel conveyor systems utilize a 1” x 3” x 1”, 12 gauge galvanized steel side channel. Other sizes are available for special applications.

Ramp Stops

The ramp stops on our skate wheel conveyor systems are constructed from structural steel to withstand impact of heavy pallets and lift truck abuse. They utilize a gentle ramp slope that brings pallets to stop in a smooth and controlled manner and incorporate a vertical stop at the end to ensure operator and pedestrian safety.

Anti-Rollback Stop (PAWL)

Provided as standard equipment on all skate wheel conveyor picking systems, this prevents a pallet from rolling back up a lane (as may be the case when a picker steps on a pallet to reach a case at the back). These stops are constructed from structural steel for long life.

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