Why Pay More For High Density Storage

Why Pay More For High Density Storage

5 Jun, 2019

“Why should I pay $200 per pallet position for 5 or 6 deep pushback when I can purchase standard selective rack for $50 per pallet?”

This is a common question that we get asked at 3D Storage Systems. The quick answer usually comes out something like “Why pay $50 when you can just put it on the floor for free?” Truth be told, if you can store all the pallets you need to on the floor without any rack, then that may be the best solution.

However, most warehouses we see are struggling to get ever increasing numbers of pallets into a given area. Once the floor area is all used up, the next logical step is to go up. That’s why we use high density storage racks like pushback racking and pallet flow racking – it allows us to store products vertically and use up more of the cubic space within a warehouse. And again, if you can store all the pallets you need with standard selective racking, then a high density storage rack probably isn’t the best solution for you.

High Density Storage Isn’t For Everyone

High density storage like push back racks and pallet flow only come into play when you need to store even more pallets than you can fit in with standard pallet racks. And of course, a lot will depend on your inventory. If you have 10,000 pallets to store and have 10,000 SKU (unique stock keeping units) you’ll need to look at narrower aisles with a selective rack because every pallet needs to be accessible. But if you have that same 10,000 pallets to store and only 1,000 SKU, you likely have a bunch of products that would suit high density storage.

A Cost-Effective Solution To Moving Facilities

Using products like push back racks and gravity flow allow you to use up even more of your warehouse cube and store more pallets in a given area.  While these products are more expensive than selective racks, they are considerably less expensive than moving to a new and larger facility.  If you are using outside warehousing to store your excess product, high density storage products usually have a return on investment of less than two years if you can bring all the inventory back under one roof.  If you are designing a new facility and the careful use of pallet flow or pushback racking can reduce the footprint of the warehouse by 20-30%, the payback is immediate.

Let 3D Storage Systems Work With You To Create A High Density Storage Solution

Whether you need pushback rackspallet flow racks or gravity flow racking we will develop the best solution that maximizes density and saves you money – we’re happy to provide the high density storage system that best suits your needs.

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