Pushback Rack System With A Low Installation Cost

Pushback Rack System With A Low Installation Cost

1 May, 2019

When we came up with the design for the first ever low profile push back system back in 1992, one thing we wanted to do was make it easy and foolproof to install.  We made sure there were no in the field measurements required and no “adjustable” components that could be installed incorrectly. 

Here are some of the things we do differently than our competitors:

  • Our push back rack wheels are assembled on the carts at the factory – not shipped loose.  This means that the installers don’t have to mess with nuts, bolts, washers and wheels on the job site.
  • Our rails come equipped with threaded studs that bolt to welded cleats on the front and rear beams.  Simply drop each rail into place and affix 4 flange nuts and the lane is ready for carts.  There are no requirements for intermediate beam attachment and there are no unwieldy welded rail frames to handle.
  • There are no extraneous parts to bolt on – no latches, no pallet stops and no rubber bumpers.
  • Unlike some of our competitors there is no need for adjustment in wheel spacing on the carts with the addition of washers – our carts are ready to go and the wheels have 1” of running surface that are not susceptible to minor variations in rail gauge.

All these factors make a 3D pushback racking system quick and easy to install. Experienced install crews typically charge $3-$5 per pallet less to erect our pushback lanes compared to most of our competitors.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our push back rack installations costs or 3D Storage Systems, please feel free to contact us.