Pushback Racking 101: Using Your Warehouse Space To The Maximum

Pushback Racking 101: Using Your Warehouse Space To The Maximum

21 May, 2019

Do you need to increase your warehouse’s storage capacity? When every last inch of space is crucial in your warehouse, pushback racking can save the most space and is a cost effective solution for your warehouse storage needs. Imagine if you could increase warehouse productivity levels, decrease over-congested receiving and shipping docks and avoid extra work?

How does Pushback Racking work?

Simply put, as the first pallet is loaded from the front, it sits on the first cart. When the second pallet is loaded, it pushes the first pallet behind it back one position. This process continues for up to six pallets deep.

To remove a pallet from a push back rack, the fork truck driver lifts the pallet off, reverses slowly and the next pallet comes forward and into the front position. This operation is repeated until the lane is empty.

Advantages of Pushback Racking versus other conventional racking systems:

  • Exceptional use of space
  • Easily installed and able to be modified to keep up with your changing warehouse needs
  • Can be combined with other types of racking
    • No investment in special lift equipment required
    • Much faster to load and unload than other systems
    • Allows you to store multiple SKUs on different lane levels, reducing honeycombing
    • Offers excellent visibility for drivers
    • Requires very little maintenance – resistant to abuse, great load bearing capacity
    • Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and product damage.
    • High storage density
    • Great aisle selectivity
    • More picking faces with a small number of aisles

    Who would benefit by using a Pushback Racking System?

    Because increased selectivity is combined with high density, pushback racking is ideal for the following industries:

    • Wholesale food distributors
    • Frozen food warehouses
    • Beverage producers/wholesalers
    • Distribution centers who experience high product/pallet turnover

    The challenge with today’s warehouse racking is to store an ever-increasing number of pallets, with an ever-increasing number of products, in a fixed storage space. These two factors pull in opposite directions, working against each other. By incorporating pushback racking you can have the best of both worlds.

    Still have questions about Pushback Racking?

    Read about the basics of Pushback Racking, or Request A Quote and we’ll contact you directly about our pushback racking services. 3D Storage Systems has been providing warehouses with high-qulaity pushback racking for 25 years.