At the heart of our wheel track carton flow systems are conveyor frames with integrated roller tracks, which ensure that the goods run safely and in a controlled manner along a slope from the loading side to the picking side. Our carton flow systems are available in numerous variations.

Widths from 48″ up to 142″and Depths from 42″ to 192″ are available. A load capacity of up to 3000lbs. Tracks and guides are adjustable in 3/8″ steps, meaning variable lanes are achievable. Three different types of shelf fronts are available: standard, with a shallow picking tray or with a deep picking tray.

Our Roller Tracks have steel axles and are mounted in a torsion resistant stable profile made of galvanized steel. Rollers are 1″ diameter and 1″ wide and are spaced on 1-1/4″ centres allowing this product to handle box sizes down to 4″ x 4″.

A universal adpator allows our carton flow beds to be mounted to any rack type and provide almost infinite adjustability. No rack beams are required.

Roller Tracks

  • Highly resilient and durable
  • Variety of different options, depending on the type of goods and load

Guide Rails

  • Enables good positioning of loads
  • Galvanised sheet steel
  • Available in different lengths

Connecting Clip

  • To connect the roller tracks and guide rails to the carton bed framework


  • A carton flow bed is screwed to the rack with an universal connector
  • Adapters are regularly available for stands from 50 mm to 75 mm in size and for stands over 75 mm