Carton Flow Systems For Heavy Duty Applications

Carton Flow Systems For Heavy Duty Applications

5 Jun, 2019

Why Would You Buy the World’s Most Expensive Carton Flow?

Good question! Our heavy duty carton flow systems are not for everyone, that’s for sure, but we pride ourselves on having the toughest product on the market.

Let’s take you through our construction process for carton flow racks, one step at a time:

  1. We use 12 gauge 50 KSI steel for our side channels and longitudinal supports – we don’t use aluminum or light duty 16 or 18 gauge steel.
  2. Our carton flow rack cross ties are made from structural steel, not aluminum tube or light duty steel.
  3. The entire assembly is welded together to form a one-piece shelf built for abuse, not bolted together with a few cross ties.
  4. We then powder coat the shelf unit.
  5. Our carton flow shafts are ¼” steel rod that run the entire width of the bed supported every 5 ½”.  There are no spring loaded shafts, or aluminum stub shafts.
  6. We use 1.9” diameter steel skate wheels for the heaviest carton flow applications or 1.9” diameter plastic wheels for medium duty requirements.
  7. The completed carton flow rack assembly is either 47” wide for use on 96” beams or 53 ½” wide for 108” beams – that’s right, just two beds per beam.  Other sizes are available if required.
  8. We build in welded angles to mount directly to step beams, channel beams or box beams.  There are no separate hanging brackets that overhang the front of the beams. There is nothing to work loose, nothing to come undone and nothing to catch at the face of the rack.

The Toughest Carton Flow Racks On The Market

3D Storage Systems offers the best warranty – should you ever damage your carton flow racks through normal use (running into it with a forklift does not count!), we will replace it at no charge, for the life of your racking system.

Who Benefits From Carton Flow Racks?

Our heavy duty carton flow applications are ideally suited for the automotive industry, foodservice facilities and other parts distribution centres that have heavy boxes or totes.

Many of our customers use our carton flow racks on the second and third levels (the sweet spot for heavy items) and use other lighter duty carton flow products for the top and bottom levels.  This gives them the best match of price to performance.

If you have a carton flow application and are tired of replacing your plastic wheel or roller tracks, Contact us today about a solution that is right for you.