How deep can your pushback racking go?

We offer 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 deep pushback for our standard low profile push back designs and for our heavy duty designs. For our special ladder style and full support/mesh covered designs
we can go up to 5 deep.

How much slope do the rails have?

The pushback racking system utilizes a slope of 3/8" per foot, or just a little less than
two degrees. For example, a standard 4 deep lane for 48 deep pallets would have 6"
of slope. This slope ensures that empty carts will always return to the front of the lane if
accidentally pushed back by the operator. In most cases the total slope is less than the
lift clearance above the pallet at the load end, and therefore, does not affect the number
of storage levels.

Do I need special forklifts?

No. 3D offers pushback systems that are installed with counterbalance, reach, deep
reach, swing reach, and even clamp trucks.

What size of aisle do I require?

Aisles should be sufficient to allow an operator to square up to the pallet without turning
into the pushback rack. Usually this is typically 6" more than the truck manufacturers minimum aisle requirement.

How much push force is required by the forklift?

Approximately 4% of the total weight being pushed back, not counting the pallet on the
forks of the truck. For example with 2,000 lb loads on a 6 deep it would require 400 lbs of force to load. This is
well within the capabilities of most lift trucks. We have several installations of six deep in
freezers with reach trucks.

We can also reduce the slope if you have a special requirement. Because our wheel rolls on a low friction tube compared to a rough C channel or I-beam, lower slope is not an issue.

What are the space requirements for pushback racking solutions?

The following are general rules of thumb:
Vertical level to level of beams
For 2, 3 & 4 deep pushback- pallet height + 12"
For 5 & 6 deep pushback - pallet height + 14"

Rack depth
(# of pallets deep X (pallet depth + 2")) + 2"
(i.e., 102",152", 202", 252", and 302" for a 48" deep pallet for 2/3/4/5/6 deep)

Beam Width

Single wide bays - pallet + 8"
Double wide bays - (pallet x 2) + 16"

What about temperature restrictions?

We have pushback racking installations that range in temperature from +50 to -60
degrees Celsius, including blast freezers.

How difficult is it to load and unload from 3D pushback racks?

Experience has shown that most operators are completely efficient within a half day.
Many operators state that pushback is easier to load and unload than standard pallet
rack. Operating instructions are sent with each system.

What about maintenance?

There is no required maintenance. Bearings in 3Ds pushback racks are permanently

Can you achieve FIFO with pushback?

Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to achieve first-in first-out with pushback racking.
The key is to configure your system to ensure that each product (SKU) utilizes multiple
lanes. If each product has three or four lanes of pushback, the operator simply ships out
the oldest lane first. See our FIFO Page

How does 3D pushback compare to the competition?

3D has one of the lowest profiles in the market. Our 5 and 6 deep lanes are
half the height of most other systems. This height difference results in extra lift
clearance and future load height flexibility it may also allow an extra pallet level.

Our pushback racking system is equipped with several key safety features that
others do not offer - linked carts, lane full indicators, pallet stops and cart lift-out
protectors are all standard features.

3D assembles the carts before we ship them, including attaching the shafts and
wheels to the carts at our facility. We also only mount to the front and rear beams
and do not need to mount to the internal beams. This results in faster and less
expensive installations.

We have some of the strongest wheels and shafts in the industry the wheels
are rated at 1,400 lbs and the 5/8" solid steel shafts that are welded to the cart.

We offer 2 to 6 deep pushback racking to best suit the layout and application.
Many others manufacture only 2 and/or 3 deep lanes. We also can produce
many non-standard designs depending on the application, such as steel sheet or
mesh covered carts, heavy duty lanes and level carts.

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