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Innovative Solutions for Pushback, Pallet and Carton Flow Racking

Over the years, 3D Storage Systems has completed countless pushback, pallet flow, and carton flow racking projects. Learn more about our completed projects by going through these project summaries and contact us with any questions!



Dollarama is Canada’s leading dollar store retailer with over 1,100 stores coast to coast and serviced by three existing distribution centres totalling 1,250,000 square feet.


With high growth continuing, Dollarama needed additional warehousing to meet the demands of the new stores. They also had to develop a high-density layout to ensure they could maximize the use of the space they built.


In 2016, Dollarama broke ground on a new state of the art 500,000 square foot distribution center. Working in conjunction with Etalex, a leading rack manufacturer based in Montreal, and 3D Storage Systems, over 53,000 pallet positions of 6 deep pushback were installed in the new facility.

Dollarama has been a longtime user of 3D’s low profile pushback, with the first installation dating back to 2003. Historically Dollarama had used drive-in racking to store material within their warehouse facilities. However, they were finding that honeycombing was leading to space utilization rates lower than 70%. By switching to pushback, they were able to still achieve a high-density layout but also increase the utilization rate to over 90%  (see our section on Pushback Justification for more detail on this topic). Since 2003 Dollarama replaced a number of the drive in rack systems with pushback to increase their storage capacity.


8,946 lanes of 3D’s 6 Deep Low-profile pushback, complete with linked carts, welded steel shafts and lane full indicators
Reinforced roll formed frames with structural steel bullnose protection and structural steel load beams

  • Over 90% Occupancy rates

  • 85% more storage density compared to standard selective rack

  • Over 100,000 square feet saved versus drive-in rack



Interamerican Foods recently opened a new 150,000 square foot plant and distribution facility in Cleburne, Texas – the first in the United States for Mexico’s largest pasta manufacturer.


Interamerican wanted to store and ship their GMA pallets on the 48” face which meant picking up the pallet through the cutouts in the stringer versus the much higher openings on the 40” face.  They also wanted to layout their warehouse utilizing pushback racks.  This presented a problem because no standard pushback system has the clearances needed to get the forks into position without prematurely moving the carts - thus making it almost impossible to unload.


Crown lift trucks of Dallas, Texas reached out to 3D Storage Systems to see if we could develop a new 5 deep pushback design specifically for this application. Using our Solidworks modeling software, 3D’s designers created fabrication drawings for a prototype. This prototype created carts with lower front ties that allowed over 4” of clearance for the forks.  After building and testing a single lane at 3D’s facilities, the lane was sent down to the Crown Dealership for testing with the customer's pallets to ensure that the design worked as specified.  A few minor tweaks were added, and 3D was given the go-ahead to produce over 600 lanes for the new warehouse.


614 lanes of 5 Deep and 70 lanes of 2 Deep dropped front tie, level carts, complete with lane full indicators and linked carts. The bottom level was floor mounted to make maximum use of the vertical space. All structural steel rack support, with oversized baseplates, double posting, and heavy horizontals

  • Leading edge design

  • Maximum use of cube

  • Over 3000 pallet positions of pushback



Mars is a global manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services, with US$33 billion in annual sales in 2015.  Their facility in Columbus, Ohio is one of many manufacturing plants spanning the globe.


Mars wanted to take advantage of the global market for meat products used in pet foods but did not have the space within their manufacturing plant to store large batch purchases of product.


In 2017, Mars purchased a vacant building next door and made plans to convert it from ambient temperature warehouse into a freezer. Mars asked their local material handling dealer, McCormick Equipment in Perrysburg, Ohio to assist them with a high-density storage layout and McCormick, in turn, contacted 3D Storage Systems to help out. Together 3D and McCormick came up with a plan that maximized storage while still ensuring enough selectivity to rotate product on a first-in-first-out basis. The new facility has just over 18,000 pallet positions of 2, 3 and 4 deep pushback situated in 154,000 square feet of a unique freezer within a building.  The project was very cost-effective because it utilized pushback over double stacked floor storage, ensuring high density without having to pay for carts, rails, and beams on the bottom level.


1,786 lanes of 3 Deep and 866 lanes of 4 Deep Low-profile pushback, complete with linked carts, welded steel shafts and lane full indicators. Reinforced roll formed frames with structural steel bullnose protection and structural steel load beams

  • Cost effective technique for freezer construction versus new build

  • Triple the pick faces compared to Drive-in Rack

  • On time and on budget completion