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How many pallets deep can 3D pallet flow racks go?

There is nothing set in stone. Common depths range from 2 pallets deep to 16 pallets
deep. When we go beyond 16 pallets deep we look at it on a case-by-case scenario as
there are a lot of variables that need to be addressed. We have installed systems up to
26 pallets deep.

How much slope does 3D pallet flow have?

Pallet flow systems have a range of different slopes depending on lane depth, pallet type
and track configuration. Most systems will range between 3/8" and 1/2" per foot, with the
majority being 7/16" per foot.

Do you recommend single wide or double wide bays?

With the exception of two and three deep picking systems, we recommend that all pallet
flow systems utilize single pallet wide rack bays. The main reason is to avoid beam
deflection. On a double wide bay, beam deflection could result in a pallet drifting
towards the center of the bay. If the lane is long enough eventually pallets will end up
against each other and the lanes will jam.

Do I need special forklifts for 3D pallet flow racks?

No. 3D pallet flow systems can be installed with counterbalance, reach, deep reach,
swing reach and even clamp trucks.

What about temperature restrictions for pallet flow racks?

We have pallet flow installations that function in temperature from +50 to -30 degrees
Celsius, including blast freezers.

What maintenance is required for pallet flow racks?

This depends on how often you are loading/unloading the system. Much like a car,
the more you use it, the more maintenance is required. Generally, we recommend you
inspect the pallet flow system a few times a year.

How difficult is it to load and unload the pallet flow racks?

Experience has shown that most operators are completely efficient within a half day.
Many operators state that pallet flow is easier to load and unload than standard pallet
rack. Operating instructions are sent with each system.

What are the space requirements for 3D pallet flow racks?

The following are general rules of thumb:

Vertical level to level of beams
Pallet height + 12"
(i.e, 48" high pallet + 12" = 60" top of beam to top of beam)

Rack depth
# of pallets deep X pallet depth + 12"
For 2 and 3 pallets # of pallets deep X pallet depth + 6"

Beam Width
Single wide bays - pallet + 8"
Double wide bays - (pallet x 2) + 16"

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