Heavy-Duty Carton Flow RACKs

3D Storage Systems offers heavy-duty carton flow racks and other carton flow systems that provide the ultimate in abuse resistance and flexibility. We pride ourselves on having one of the most durable carton flow racks available.

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What is Carton Flow?

Carton flow is a storage method that uses wheels or rollers, as well as gravity flow to convey cases from one end of a rack or shelving module to the other.

In a given storage bay you can create multiple levels of carton flow racks or case flow racks, and each level will have a number of lanes of product, thus giving many more pick faces when compared to standard rack or shelving.

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Carton Flow Racks Provide More Pick Faces in a Smaller Area

This reduces pick paths and increases picking efficiencies. As well, thanks to the gravity flow design, when a case is removed from a carton flow rack, the remaining cases roll forward to the front – pickers do not have to reach into the racking and First-In First-Out (FIFO) is maintained.

carton flow rackscarton flow racking

Carton flow systems use natural gravity flow to make it easy for pickers, ensuring that FIFO is always maintained.

Who Uses Carton Flow Racking?

In general, fast moving products are picked directly from pallets, and very slow moving products belong in storage systems like static shelving. Carton flow systems and case flow racks are suited to the middle range of product movement.

As a rule of thumb, products that are suitable for carton flow are picked at least once a week, but not more than a half pallet worth of cases in that same week.

Any operation where gravity flow is used to help pick orders in either full or split cases is a potential use for carton flow racks or case flow rack applications.

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Typical Uses for Carton Flow Systems

Carton flow systems can be beneficial for a number of industries, however the ones that will benefit the most from using carton flow racks include:

  • Food and Beverage Distributors
  • Meat Packing Plants
  • Automotive Part Suppliers

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Which Carton Flow Systems Do I Use?

The type of carton flow systems used will depend on many factors – gravity flow, case sizes, case weights, case flow, the operating environment and product movement are just a few. 3D’s full width welded steel carton flow beds are best suited for heavy weight, high throughput operations with boxes at least 6” x 6” in size.

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