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3D Storage Systems Limited has grown into one of the largest producers of dynamic high-density storage systems in North America. We are the only manufacturer that offers a full line of pushback racking, pallet flow, and carton flow racking products.

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We will be showing our pushback, pallet flow and carton flow systems. 

Learn more about our new 50,000 square foot fabricating plant in Cartersville, Georgia!

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Offering FIFO Storage, Special Designs, and more, 3D Storage Systems is your go-to partner for all things related to push back racking. 

Learn about our pallet flow racking utilizing skate wheels, polycarbonate wheels, or steel rollers - for deep lane flow or layer picking.

Carton flow racking offers incredible features and benefits such as reducing pick paths and increases picking efficiencies for businesses like yours.

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05 Jun 2019

The case for pushback racking as an investment for effective high-density storage

High-density pushback systems are designed to attain up to 100% more storage than standard pallet racking, and equal or greater increases over poorly occupied drive-in or floor storage layouts. While many people are discouraged from buying pushback racks because of the perceived high cost ($100-$200 per pallet depending on the application - see the bottom of this page for more detail), those who examine all of the aspects of operating a warehouse know that pushback racking is easily justified.

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21 May 2019

‘Gravity Flow Racking’ is a storage system that relies on gravity flow to load, organize, and retrieve stored cartons or pallets within a warehouse. Maximizing space and efficiency, gravity flow racks will save your business money, improve your productivity, and increase safety for your employees.

In this article we will go over some of the major benefits of using a gravity flow racking. If you have any questions or would like to receive a free gravity flow installation quote, please contact us today!

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21 May 2019

We are often asked “When should I use a skate wheel conveyor for my flowrack system versus polycarbonate wheels or rollers?”  While there are many different opinions in the industry as to the answer to this question, with over 25 years of manufacturing and configuring all types of gravity flowrack, here are our thoughts on the topic.

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21 May 2019

Learn more about FIFO Systems & LIFO Systems, their differences, similarities, and what is right for you!

What is FIFO and LIFO?

While most people know that FIFO stands for “First In, First Out” and LIFO is “Last In, First Out” the general perception in the industry goes something like this: FIFO = Good, LIFO = Bad.

Of course, as in most things in life, it’s more complicated than that. In a typical distribution center, many thousands of products are received and shipped every day and the volumes for each product vary from multiple pallets to a case or two. For the sake of this blog, we are going to only look at the items that are full pallets in/out as these are typically the products that suit FIFO storage and LIFO storage.

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21 May 2019

We would like to address the issue of slope in push back rack systems as there has been much talk in the industry in regards to push force and benefits of low slope.

Our unique low profile push back system was developed in 1992, and at that time one of the design features we decided on was to slope our rails at 3/8” per foot so that there would only be 2 interior beam types – a flush top and a drop 1.5”. The slope we chose had nothing to do with the performance of our carts. 

Furthermore we would like to add that the slope is “free” – since we are not lifting up a pallet at the back of the lane, we only need clearance at the load/unload end.  Having a bit more slope does not cost us an additional level and/or leave us with less clearance from level to level.